Hints of spring and a TUSAL 1.5 update

Time for an overdue hello and check in...
I have realized that I am overdue for a TUSAL check. Stitching mojo has kicked in a bit for seasonal smalls on this turn, and the rotation has been ongoing. It is good to keep the work flowing!
As a result, the TUSAL check is overdue (or in the mail , HA!!!). 
I will now label this post as 1.5, posting with the full moon rather than the new. Fingers crossed, I will attempt to be on time with the next round...

I hope the pieces speak for themselves...

"Medieval Town Mandala"
Chatelaine Designs
My BAP baby has not garnered as much attention as I would have liked, or that it deserves. I am setting a goal to turn attention back to MTM, so I can clear the turn to the next section. Someone give me a "Woot-woot"!!!

The following have had most of my focus for the previous round. These are individual designs from a trilogy design set, as published by Cross Eyed Cricket in 2004. I have not yet stitched the coordinating designs from the other leaflets, "The Rabbits' Big Day" and "Rabbits' Garden".
The fabric, as suggested by the designer, are not done any real justice with the limits of my digital images.
Stitching upon 30 ct Carved Pumpkin and Colonial Pumpkin linen from R&R Reproductions. The JABC button packs were also worth the wait from the LNS.

"Garden Patch"
The Cricket Collection - "Rabbits' Delight" 
The Cricket Collection - "Rabbits' Delight"

"Rabbit With A Heart"
The Cricket Collection - "Rabbits' Delight
"Eggs In One Basket"
The Cricket Collection - "Rabbits' Delight"

And for the final addition to this update, I submit my on the fly project. Grab the occasional stitch on a work break, the outdoors project while the kids play, you name it... Virtually all my work is stitched with scroll frame support. Scrap cuts of linen banding, as sold by my LNS, cannot be accommodated with a frame.
So here you go. Over one stitching with linen banding on the fly

"Watermelon Argyle"
The Cricket Collection - "Summer Sundries"

Cozy stitching in the spring!!! Enjoy.


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